Network Updates

Table of Contents

Summary (Feb 8th- 15th)

  1. Auto Refresh
  2. Notitifications
  3. Club House Party + Digital Swag Bag
  4. New Policy

Auto Refresh 🔄

Auto refresh is not yet available in your Lagatos Profile. You'll need to log in and out to see your updated balance, in the balance page. Dont worry we hear you and are working on system updates to bring these additions in!

Notifications 🔔

Would you like to receive WhatsApp or SMS messages? If yes, let us know. All feedback would be greatly appreciated to make the product better and improve the user experience!

Clubhouse Party & Digital Swag Bag 🥳

Come out to the weekly Clubhouse party every Friday at 2:00 pm PT / 5:00 pm ET! First 10 people on stage get a digital gift! Everyone is welcome! 🎉 🎊

New Policy 📔

Starting Febuary 7th, 2021 users will need to have at least 5 DAI in their unclaimed balance to recieve a disbursement.

Summary (January 10 - 17)

  1. Must have the latest browser to earn
  2. Change in earnings payout frequency
  3. Referral Program
  4. New features

Browser 📅

Starting January 13th, 2021 you will need to have the latest version of the Lagatos Browser to earn. The latest version as of today is 2.0.0.-a.8.

There are automatic updates in the Lagatos browser. When there is an update. You'll receive a notification asking if you want to accept the update. And then if you want to install it.

If auto-updates is not working for you. Please uninstall the browser. Go to https://try.lagatos.com, then download and re-install.

Payout Frequency 💸

Payments will now be sent weekly. Lagatos issues out earnings in Dai and/or Ether. At the moment transaction fees to send these assets are very high. We hope in the future we can return to instant payments.

If you haven't already created your digital wallet. Please visit https://app.lagatos.com. And log in with the same email address you used to sign into the browser.

When visiting your wallet, you'll now see a link to go to the Balance page. This page will show how much money you've earned but hasn't been deposited in your wallet.


Referral Program 💰

  • For each referral that signs up, you'll receive 1 USD.
  • You'll receive a 15 USD bonus for anyone that signs up. And then subscribes to Lagatos for one month. You'll receive the credit after your referral uses the product for one month.

To earn credit for a referral, you must go to the referral page. And enter in the first, last name, and email address OR share your referral link. Both these options can be found here https://app.lagatos.com/refer.


New Features 🎉

🔖 Bookmarks


📜 Saved Browsing History