How to send & receive money (Dai) in Lagatos

How to send money (Dai)

Sign in and click your "Avatar" and select "Send Money." You will then need to unlock your digital money wallet. And then choose who you want to send money to. You can send money by entering a Lagatos username or scanning a QR code.

How much does it cost to send money?

The cost is variable and depends on how much money you want to send. The average costs is 0.1 USD cents to 5 USD dollars.

How to receive money (Dai)? What is the Lagatos username?

The best way to receive money is to share your Lagatos username with the sender. You can choose your username (similar to how you choose a Twitter name). To choose your user name. Sign in and click your "Avatar." Then click "Show QR code."

If you haven't chosen a Lagatos user name, you'll see "Click here to choose your username" click it and type in the name you want.

Then share your Lagatos username with people to receive Dai (the stable cryptocurrency that is equal to the US dollar).

What is Dai?

Dai is a decentralized cryptocurrency stabilized against the value of the US dollar. Simply remember: 1 token of Dai is 1 US dollar.

Dai is what allows registered users to send and receive money. And the currency we allow people to pay for lagatos services in.

With Dai, you never need to worry about the risk of the fluctuation of cryptocurrency. For example, assume you are selling hats online. One day a customer offered you Bitcoins that equals 15 USD. But the value of those bitcoins might change the day you use it to buy materials—it might not worth 15 USD the next day or in the next few minutes.

This has been a serious issue for merchants and people to accept cryptocurrency as a way of payment. With Dai, things are different. One token of Dai will always be worth 1 USD, and you don’t have to worry about how much your Dai crypto-asset is worth in a few minutes, days, months or a year.

How does Dai maintain its price stability?

Dai price stability is achieved through a system of lending on the Ethereum network. To create Dai, someone will deposit their Ether into a personal smart vault that holds your Ether. In return, Dai gets generated. With balanced economic incentives from the supply and demand system, one Dai will never surpass or drop below one dollar.

How can I deposit money (Dai) into my account (Haiti)?

To deposit money into your account the easy way is to use a Lagatos Agent and have them scan your QR code.

At the moment Lagatos doesn't know an online resource that allows Haitians to get Dai online; which is why Lagatos created Agents to take your Gourde and exchange it for Dai.

If you are not comfortable meeting with a Lagatos Agent the next best way to deposit money - is for someone online to send you money to your digital wallet. To receive money online - share your Lagatos username with the sender.

Who are Lagatos Agents? Can I trust them?

Lagatos Agents are people whom Lagatos trusts to conduct in person money exchange. They must apply and interview with Lagatos. If you encounter any issues with a Lagatos Agent. Immediately contact us so we may resolve the problem. We can be reached directly at Or send a private chat message when logged in at

Who are the Lagatos' users? Are they businesses or individuals?

Lagatos users are people who have registered on and have a user name and password to access the website. A business is permitted to sign up for Lagatos.

How I can identify Lagatos users?

Lagatos users is anyone who is registered on our website. For privacy reasons we do not share who is on our website. But you will know when you ask them. Or when you type in a user name that is not registered. A message will show and tell you that person is not registered.

What is a QR code?

You can find your Lagatos QR code by signing in, clicking your Avatar and selecting "Show QR code."

You can use your QR code to send and receive money on Lagatos. You can also use it to pay for services or goods. For example, if buying avocados from a neighbor or vendor. You can scan your neighbor or vendor's QR code and send them USD equivalent for the avocados.