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What is Lagatos?

Lagatos wants to make the Internet faster by bring data closer to you: by storing it in your computer! This is done with the Lagatos Browser.

We also enable you to send and receive Dai a cryptocurrency that can always be redeemed for USD.


You can use the Lagatos Browser for free. Or upgrade to the monthly subscription and earn up to 500 USD a month.

Lagatos has two pricing plans; free OR paid.

  • Free
  • Use Lagatos for FREE, in 2-steps

    The benefit for using Lagatos for free is that 100% of your data will not be sold to 3rd parities (e.g. advertisers) and we block ads by default. No chrome extensions needed.

    Use Lagatos for FREE, in 2-steps.

    1. Download the Lagatos Browser at https://try.lagatos.com
    2. image
    3. Once installed. Use it like you would use Google Chrome!
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  • Paid; see the section below entitled: Earning money with Lagatos

Earning money with Lagatos

How do I make money using Lagatos?

You earn for browsing the Internet! Watch the 2-minute demo.

Get started, in 5 steps:

  1. Download the Lagatos Browser: https://try.lagatos.com
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  3. Once installed. Sign in.
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  5. Create a digital wallet
    1. Go to your profile within the Lagatos Browser. Or go to https://app.lagatos.com/payments/wallet
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    3. Once logged into your profile. Click the blue button on your wallet page. And follow the instructions.
    4. Having trouble creating your wallet? Here's a tutorial:

      Creating a digital wallet with Lagatos

  6. Upgrade to the paid plan. Go to your profile and click "Billing". Or go to https://app.lagatos.com/billing
  7. While using the browser, you'll receive push notifications. Click the notification and earn!
  8. Funds will be sent to your digital wallet on a weekly basis. Go to your wallet page to see your funds in your wallet and/or your pending balance.


Installing on a Mac
Installing Lagatos Browser on a Mac


Installing on Windows
How to Clear Windows Credential Manager Stored Passwords

What's New?

Network Updates

Updating the Lagatos Browser

To ensure that you maximize your earnings. We request you accept the product updates.

Updating is easy. To see what version you are on, click the information bubble to the right.

  1. When there is a new update. And you open the browser, you will receive a pop-up. Click "Yes" to accept the update.
  2. image
  3. And then accept the next pop-up that says install, by clicking "Yes." That's it!
  4. Next time you open the browser. You'll have the latest version.

    Remember to earn, you must have the latest version. If you have issues you may download the latest version directly at try.lagatos.com.



Lagatos webinars

Lagatos occasionally hosts webinars on various topics around, browsers, Internet and money and more. They are available for free on CrowdCast.

Is Lagatos hiring?

Find open positions here.

Privacy in Lagatos and Lagatos Browser

Find the Lagatos Privacy Policy and Terms here.

In short, Lagatos uses Sendgrid.com for transactional emails. Mailchimp for marketing emails.

Within the Lagatos Browser, we do collect data on browsing history. But it is anonymized and not sold to third parties. Browsing history is exclusively used for the caching service. Which you pay for in your monthly subscription. In addition, we do not cache private data. For example, we do not cache or visit gmail.com links. But do cache wikipedia.org.

If you have questions or concerns please email hello@lagatos.com for general inquiries. Or help@lagatos.com for assistance.

Will I loose my data when I upgrade the Lagatos Browser?

No, you will not loose your data (files in your Library) if you upgrade or downgrade your Lagatos Browser.

How are you different than Brave Browser?

Brave Browser endorses ethical advertisements. And makes revenue from advertisers who adhere to their privacy measures in terms of selling your data in the browser. They then allow you to be paid for the data the advertisers took on you. In addition, they allow you as a user to tip content creators. Your earnings are in the form of rewards. Given in the form of a speculative cryptocurrency.

Lagatos Browser is not an advertisement platform. We do not sell your data to third parties. Instead we monetize through the paid option of our browser.

How so? The Lagatos Browser turns your laptop into a local server. And you either (1) store other people's website and get paid for doing so or (2) you host your own content. And get paid for every download and view of the content you hosted.

We pay everyone on the platform in a stable cryptocurrency called Dai. Dai can always can be redeemed for USD. Not speculative. Lagatos goal is to create circular economies. And foster economic mobility. Rather than giving the majority of the money to corporations or advertisers.

Lagatos Browser v1 documentation

Version 1 is no longer supported. However, the following is the documentation.

Lagatos Browser v1 FAQs & Docs